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Vector Firm's Chris Peterson to Hold Webinar for SIA
Wed, Nov 7, 2018 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

How to Develop Generation Z Sales People

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One of the most common challenges facing security companies today is finding and developing sales professionals. The expanding security industry has made it very difficult to recruit people with security experience, so many leaders have decided to hire less experienced people and develop them. As they hire this new generation, employers are finding that today’s professionals entering the workforce are different than millennials and are considerably different than most security industry leaders.

Generation Z sales professionals will make a significant impact on our industry in the next decade. They have the personality traits and career goals that are congruent to what the security industry needs to continue to grow and make a difference in our world, however business leaders will have to understand how to develop their unique talents and fulfill their career aspirations. If you learn how they tick, you’ll be able to untap endless effort and production.

Key learning points

• Understand the behaviors that have become a way of life for Generation Z

• Create an on-boarding plan that will inspire new Generation Z sales people to give you 100 percent

• Transfer their tendencies and habits into selling machines, instead of trying to change them

• Decrease or eliminate your sales turnover